Doe Deere is a 21st century woman who is turning the make- up industry on its head. She has come from a humble background, Russian born but raised in New York, and forced her way up the corporate ladder with her brilliant idea for a make- up line unlike any other. Her successful business, Lime Crime, is completely devoted to producing cruelty free products in shocking colors to showcase the best features of the women who wear them. Deere believes that make-up shouldn’t be about covering up imperfections but about helping to flaunt what make us beautiful and unique. In 2008, Deere decided that she would release her DIY makeup online and it has since gained an immense following worldwide. Doe Deere credits her success to her confidence and following her passion, saying she realized while working in insurance that the only way she would change the world is by being true to herself. She hopes to encourage other women to do the same with her make up. Deere came up with the name by combining her favorite color, lime green, with the rhyme crime because her idea that the makeup would be so bold is could be illegal.

Doe Deere’s story is inspirational to all women. She started out with a simple ebay account and in a few years has developed an international business. She spends most of her days in and out of meetings with different executives but still makes time to get in the lab and help develop the products. She says that no product goes out until she has tried it out first, making sure that everything produced is good fit for her customers. She still develops a lot of the ideas for the eyeshadows, lipsticks, and mascaras. Ideas that may take weeks or even months to strike her but once they do she doesn’t sit on them. Deere believes in taking shift action and making things happen while simultaneously making sure that everything stays authentic to the brand.

Lime Crime owes so much of its success to the way Deere has always trusted her instincts. She recommends to anyone looking to become an entrepreneur that they should first and foremost trust their gut. This has served her well since she went against the grain when Deere decided to sell her make up through ecommerce. Traditionally make up has been sold at containers but Deere knew that if she marketed it right, she could make her business successful solely online. She developed the “on-lip” swatch that has now become an industry standard. Doe Deere encourages tells others to stay optimistic and try to keep a clear picture in mind of their target customer and make sure the products work for them. Lastly, she is proud of the team that works and supports her Lime Crime line. She puts complete faith in the customer service department, only regretting that she didn’t have them sooner. She also gives a lot of credit to her husband and Lime Crime President Mark, whom she met in a band 16 years ago. Deere is grateful for how he has always had her back.