Guilherme Paulus who is a Brazilian Entrepreneur, ranks as 1268 on Forbes billionaire list. Guilherme Paulus is currently Chairman and Co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora. CVC Brasil Operadora provides tourism services in Brazil and internationally.

CVC Brasil Operadora employs more than 1100 people and helps to create another 4900 jobs indirectly. It also employs more than 9,086 travel agents. It has locations set up in every state in Brazil, in 456 cities. Which is partly why the Brazilian economy continues to prosper, and is currently ranked as the eighth largest economy in the world.

Currently CVC has over 300 franchises and 1200 stores throughout Brazil. With the direction of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has received the award for best tourism operator 11 consecutive times. CVC Brasil Operadora has been honored by the World Travel Market in a ceremony, for its continuous groundbreaking ideas and its overwhelming contribution to the growth of world tourism. Mr. Paulus managed to take home an astonishing 12 trophies during the ceremony.

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In 2009 Guilherme Paulus decided to transform CVC into a public company. CVC Brasil Operadora sold a 63 percent stake of the company to the American funded global private equity firm The Carlyle Group for 420 million dollars. He since has remained as chairman of CVC, as minority shareholder. As Minority shareholder this allows him to make important decisions.

It has not been an easy for Mr. Paulus, he almost had to close CVC when the company was only 8 years old. The company at the time was facing countless restrictions. The Brazilian government also introduced a withholding tax, which did nothing to help the situation.

Guilherme Paulus decided to start pursuing corporations, rather than smaller clients, his tour rates are incomparable and hard to match. Which is why CVC continues to draw millions of tourists, and has become the largest tourism operation in Latin America. This proves that with dedication and a hard work ethic, anything is possible.

Whitney Wolfe has made a huge splash in the online dating industry with Bumble. The company continues to grow as she comes up with new ideas on how she can empower women. As a result, she has not stopped with dating. She has instead looked at more ways that she can help women so that they will be able to rise up and overcome their challenges. This is where BFF comes in. With BFF, women have been able to find the right friends to associate with. Then she has set up BIZZ with the purpose of helping women find ways to get their career off the ground.

With such innovative ideas, this has attracted a lot of customers. At the same time, this has attracted jealousy from some of the more established dating apps. For instance, The Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, has seen the success of Bumble and decided to try and acquire the company for itself. Therefore, it is resorting to many different means to get the company. Among the means that it has resorted to is bullying and threatening. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe, the owner of Bumble is fighting tooth and nail to keep Bumble the way she has intended it to be.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe has decided is that she is not going to sell her company. She is instead going to take on The Match Group and make sure that she is able to keep her company so that she can continue to empower women with it. As a matter of fact, keeping the company is one of the most empowering things that Whitney Wolfe can do for women. This will show that not only can she manage to fight for what she believes in, but she can also encourage others to do the same.

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Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur based in the US. He own has founded and co-founded a series of companies that have been really successful. Among his biggest successes is JustFab and Fabletics. He is the founder of Intelligent Beauty and a co-founder of companies like Alena Media which they sold for millions of dollars in the year 2005. He also is the founder of which opened its doors in the year 2001 and had already made sales of over $1 million.

In the year 2010, Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg decided to start JustFab. JustFab would operate on the basis of online subscription. This fashion retailer brand would have bags, shoes, jewelry and denim. The company specializes in female buyers, offering them personalized products. They use five criteria to customize their products. Modern Classic, Trend Setter, The Girl Next Door, Bombshell and Femme Nouveau are the five looks categories used by JustFab.

JustFab operates under a subscription program. Member are deducted an amount of $39.95, every month. This amount is used on shopping for the month. However, buyers have the option of skipping the month. Then, no charges will apply. The company on employs the help of celebrities who personally view your likes and preferences before recommending something for you.

JustFab obtained funding from Matrix Ventures which is a venture capital based in the US. In the year 2011, the venture capital funded the company with a sum of $33 million through Tech Styles which is its subsidiary at The following year they got more funding from Matrix, Intelligent Beauty, Crossover Ventures, and Rho ventures. The amount totaled to $76 million and was use to expand the company to the UK, Germany, and Canada.

In the year 2013, Don Ressler again co-founded Fabletics. This is also a subscription active wear retail brand. When Don Ressler, Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg first started the company, it was purely an online store. With VIP membership, women could but outfit for as low as $49.95, every month. Over the years, the company has expanded and is now a leading sports apparel brand, competing with the likes of Amazon.

Fabletics has grown to over $250 million sales. They now have more than 7 try-out stores all over the country. According to the company bosses, by the year 2020, they hope to have more physical stores. Perhaps 75 or even a hundred. Read more on LinkedIn.