A new crowd sourcing and artificial intelligence startup has launched a digital marketing platform for the improvement and testing of website conversions. The platform is expected to fill needs in the conversion optimization and A/B testing spaces. The platform will provide insight from the target audience, and landing pages can be tested before their website launch. The platform will combine with the A/B testing and optimization programs which have always had the ability to generate compelling results.

A survey was conducted among marketers, and 86 percent stated before they reached statistical significance, they performed either implement or end testing. This means without A/B testing, many web pages are prematurely pushed live or discarded entirely. For the correct results to be established, the pages must be tested. Just shy of half the marketers say they run A/B tests for over four weeks before statistical significance is determined, and 91 percent want to see the results of the tests sooner.

Additional surveys determined the marketers want more insight faster. Most have confidence in A/B testing, but fifty percent say their target audiences feedback takes too long to establish. They want to have a much better understanding of what the visitors dislike and like. They also require a clearer understanding of why their visitors are or are not converting. Finally, many want to be able to test pages with only a design before going live, and feel a developed page has a lot of value.

The new platform is attempting to meet these needs with the ability to predict the outcome of conversion testing, provide insight to the audience, and help marketers achieve a website with more effectiveness. The platform makes this possible before the site pages are developed or launched, and A/B testing begins. This should help prevent wasted time and resources.

Digital marketers are struggling to get the time of the developer, the approval of the stakeholders, and the design direction required for optimal conversion. The new platform is designed to enable marketers to put their ideas to the test, improve their conversion rates, and get feedback from their customers while the webpage is still in the design phase.

Some of the highlights of the new platform include the prediction of conversion outcomes while still in the design phase, understanding a lack of conversions by visitors, receiving impactful design direction, learning from competitors, and gaining insight regarding dislikes and likes from the target audience.