Are you wondering what online reputation management service can do to protect your organization’s credibility? Do you want to be sure you can have a system in place that can alert you to any impending threats or attacks? If you are worried about your online reputation and want to take steps to protect your good name, it is extremely important that you enlist the services of a renowned reputation management firm.

These days, it is very easy for anyone to go online and post derogatory content about another person or organization. Such content can be damaging to a person’s or company’s reputation.

Online reputation management seeks to increase overall visibility, boost overall positive sentiment, reduce negative sentiment, remove or suppress unflattering content, enhance affirmative content, or a combination of these.

There are many firms out there like helping business people, entrepreneurs and companies to guard against online threats and attacks. These firms have a team of qualified professionals and can help you build a great online reputation. They have access to quality resources and are well versed in rendering top notch reputation monitoring and management and can set up a reliable system for you to track conversations about your brand.

Negative content from online articles, blogs, and erroneous reviews can come into view almost instantly and you may not even realize that you have a dilemma and once this content gets on the web, it can practically never ever be erased.

Business adversaries, previous work partners, even complete strangers are always trolling forums, social network sites and other website pages in a concerted attempt to make you look terrible.

If you do not take proactive steps to protect your company, you will certainly have a hard time reaching the level of success you desire. That’s why it is imperative to contact a well-established reputation management team as soon as possible.

A good team of reputation management experts can monitor, fix and protect your credibility and image. These professionals can protect search results, suppress negative reviews and ensure that only positive content shows up when people search for your company or products online.


Doe Deere is a 21st century woman who is turning the make- up industry on its head. She has come from a humble background, Russian born but raised in New York, and forced her way up the corporate ladder with her brilliant idea for a make- up line unlike any other. Her successful business, Lime Crime, is completely devoted to producing cruelty free products in shocking colors to showcase the best features of the women who wear them. Deere believes that make-up shouldn’t be about covering up imperfections but about helping to flaunt what make us beautiful and unique. In 2008, Deere decided that she would release her DIY makeup online and it has since gained an immense following worldwide. Doe Deere credits her success to her confidence and following her passion, saying she realized while working in insurance that the only way she would change the world is by being true to herself. She hopes to encourage other women to do the same with her make up. Deere came up with the name by combining her favorite color, lime green, with the rhyme crime because her idea that the makeup would be so bold is could be illegal.

Doe Deere’s story is inspirational to all women. She started out with a simple ebay account and in a few years has developed an international business. She spends most of her days in and out of meetings with different executives but still makes time to get in the lab and help develop the products. She says that no product goes out until she has tried it out first, making sure that everything produced is good fit for her customers. She still develops a lot of the ideas for the eyeshadows, lipsticks, and mascaras. Ideas that may take weeks or even months to strike her but once they do she doesn’t sit on them. Deere believes in taking shift action and making things happen while simultaneously making sure that everything stays authentic to the brand.

Lime Crime owes so much of its success to the way Deere has always trusted her instincts. She recommends to anyone looking to become an entrepreneur that they should first and foremost trust their gut. This has served her well since she went against the grain when Deere decided to sell her make up through ecommerce. Traditionally make up has been sold at containers but Deere knew that if she marketed it right, she could make her business successful solely online. She developed the “on-lip” swatch that has now become an industry standard. Doe Deere encourages tells others to stay optimistic and try to keep a clear picture in mind of their target customer and make sure the products work for them. Lastly, she is proud of the team that works and supports her Lime Crime line. She puts complete faith in the customer service department, only regretting that she didn’t have them sooner. She also gives a lot of credit to her husband and Lime Crime President Mark, whom she met in a band 16 years ago. Deere is grateful for how he has always had her back.

Recently, pop singer Nikki Minaj boarded a private jet in order to fly to Angola. She was to perform for the unilateral dictator of the country. The same man famous for stealing from and persecuting his own citizens. The unilateral dictator stripped the country of its natural resources in order to enrich himself and he would use that money to pay the pop singer for a private birthday celebration.

That’s when Thor Halvorssen burst onto the scene. He wrote an open letter to the pop singer encouraging her not to perform the concert. He blasted the celebrity for profiting off the misery of the people of Angola.

And that’s exactly what the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation does. The man will attack anybody so long as it’s in the name of liberty. He doesn’t care if you are an American popstar or the unilateral dictator of Angola, he only cares for human rights. And he is a master of using the public’s perception in order to shine a light on human rights violations around the world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Take his most recent foray into the politics of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation started to attack the unilateral dictator of North Korea right around the same time as the movie The Interview was released. The entire world was paying attention to North Korea because they took responsibility for hacking the Sony company in retaliation for the movie release. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

According to  Forbes, Thor Halvorssen took advantage of the entire world paying attention to North Korea. He took the Human Rights Foundation to the border towns of South Korea in order to release balloons full of paraphernalia into North Korea. The balloons were full of DVDs and other educational material encouraging North Koreans to educate themselves about the world.

And Halvorssen has been at this for a very long time. He had a hand in his own father’s release from political prison in Venezuela as a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. His mother was shot during a political protest in New York City. The political disrupter comes from a long line of political activists.

Advertising is crucial to the success of any business. Advertising is a marketing strategy on that has been used for a long time. Recently, content and inbound marketing are being used a lot by companies that want to popularize their products. Entrepreneurs who make good use of these strategies benefit a lot from them.

Jose Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, which is an ad agency. The company was previously known as Borghi Lowe. Jose describes inbound marketing as a good way for companies to get clients. The company should introduce products to the market. This way, the clients will get familiar with the products. In content marketing, Mullen Lowe Brasil should have understood the market needs and come up with the relevant products.

After this, Mullen Lowe Brasil can start making profits from the sale of products. Marketing of either services or products in any company is very important. Companies should be ready to invest a lot of time and money in marketing and coming up with quality products and services. Successful marketing makes all the investments worthwhile. For every company, the first sales are the most important and also the most difficult.

The ad agency business is still very relevant. This is despite the current online advertising trends. The publicist at Mullen Lowe offers some tips on successful Brazilian advertising. The tips include;

• Be smart
When it comes to modern advertising, most companies have moved away from advertising on newspapers billboard and TV and are now advertising online. This way, many people will see the advert. Jose Borghi says that this should be used with other forms of advertising. It also would not hurt your business is someone first saw your product on a billboard and searched online for more information.

• Be useful
When marketing your products, you should ensure that you clearly explain how they can be of help to the consumer. It is not enough to come up with good products if customers do not find them relevant. Manufacturers should also know exactly who the target clients are. This way, the products will be made to satisfy their specific needs.

• Be present
It is easy to find information on all companies online. To make your company stand out, you need to be present. This can be done by participating in online forums and answering questions correctly and on time.

According to Jose Borghi, good marketing and advertising are indispensable tools when running any kind of business.

30 years of brains career have been in professional management and financial experience. His astounding experience had him recognition with the Who’s who executive from Cambridge in the financial year honorary. Bonar received the award for being exemplary with his professional management filed at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

The Who’s who the award is normally awarded to only two males and two females in the top most executives every year. Bonar has spent his career life over a decade with Dalrada financial cooperation and has been greatly associated with its general success as the manager, receiving the award is a proof of his strong ability to lead, professional accomplishments and other academic achievements. Already he holds a Ph.D. in International Development Studies in business from Stafford University.

Bonar is the chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, who has been responsible for overseeing the aftermarket benefits through a wide selection of both the employer and the employee. He has also ensured adverse distribution of products for the customer of Dalrada Corporation in promoting business efficiency.

At some point, Dalrada acted as the chairman and ensured benefits of employees through risk management insurance. Many of the employees who work with him remember his diligence and ability as the type of a leader who always makes things happen not waiting for them to happen. His concern as a financial manager to the welfare of the employees is also beyond measure.

Brian studied Bachelors in Engineering and has masters too from Stafford University; he is a great marketer who helped in the supply of pieces of printers globally. He also founded a company named Beziers Systems that was dealing with printer machines where he came up with a very special type of printer named SCSI based printer the first one to be invented.

Apart from working with Dalrada Bonar also holds a position with Truceps technologies as the chairman and chief executive officer responsible for overseeing temporary staffing, insurance products, and services. Other companies he has been involved with include AMS outsourcing, allegiant professional business services, and Itec Imaging technologies.

Bonar’s expertise has had him own the most famous hotel in Escondido named Bellamy’s. He has upgraded the hotel to a 4 start one with the most delicious cuisines from France among other regions. San Diego County now has a mini-empire which Brian Bonar has perfected by sourcing all the traditional chefs from Escondido a region famous for their master chefs like Patrick Ponsaty.

Bonar reeves the title of being a famous Scottish entrepreneur; his art of marketing has been f great use for many firms despite his career background being engineering. Bonar is also a very active philanthropist with a partnership with the Lions Club a non-governmental organization tuning in different global regions.

Every now and then we have a bad hair day. We wake up and our hair is frizzy, thin, and dry. Fixing these hair care problems used to require expensive treatments and hours at a hair salon. Thanks to the genius of Chaz Dean we can now fix our bad hair days from the comfort of our own homes. Wen by Chaz Dean is an all-in-one shampoo/conditioner combo that gives you everything you’re going to need to bring your back to a state of perfect health. After a few days of Wen hair By Chaz Dean you’ll have the same lustrous locks of the stars.

When Chaz Dean releases a hair care product people listen. His reputation for excellence in hair care comes from years of helping the biggest stars of Hollywood with any and every problem. He took that experience he’s collected over the years as a hair stylist and brought us Wen by Chaz Dean. It offers us just about everything we could ever want in a hair care product. You take it over the course of a week and the results come so fast it’s shocking. At first it won’t seem as if anything is happening but by the middle of the week you’ll see moisture and thickness return to your scalp. By the end of the week the Chaz Dean miracle is complete and your hair is back to its naturally healthy form. Get these products exclusively on eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

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New Zealand has been in the news a lot lately. Whether it is because of the huge number of people moving there or their supposed tax-free living environment, it has been making waves. The country is one that many people did not actually care too much about in the past, but thanks to news developments and viral blog stories, has become a mecca for people looking to find somewhere that is tax-free and easy to live in because of the way that it is set up and because of the way that people can do things there.

While the government is lax and there are economic opportunities around the country, it is not one of the countries that offers life without tax to the citizens of the country. The New Zealand government does require citizens to pay taxes and the taxes can often be quite high for people who make a lot of money. It is not a tax-free country and will likely never be a tax-free country because of the way that the country is set up and the government has worked to make things different for the people who live in the country.

There are many countries, though, that are tax-free. The countries are on a list that have many different things in them. New Zealand has never been on the list and Geoffrey Cone, one of the contributors to the list, suspects that it will never make the list because of the higher tax brackets and because of the way that the country is set up to run successfully with all of the taxes that it collects from its citizens in the country. There are many options that are not included in New Zealand that are in other countries and vice versa. Learn more:

Where the story about New Zealand comes from is possibly from a recent change to the laws in the country. The country, which did not have a cap on taxes in the past, recently passed laws that required there to be a cap on taxes in the whole country. This means that the country is not allowed to tax people after a certain amount and that the tax percentages must stay within a certain range. Many people may have gotten confused with that and with not having any taxes at all in the country for people who live there.

Geoffrey Cone suggests that people who are looking for countries that do not require them to pay taxes first look at the list of tax-free countries. There are many countries on the list that are located in different areas. These countries can then be narrowed down and the expat can choose which one he or she wants to move to based on other criteria. It mostly comes down to which country is a good match for the lifestyle that the expat has and where he or she wants to be at when they make the change and move to a different country from the one that they are currently in.

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The current and future market trends should always be pertinent factors to consider by investors looking forward to wealth creation. The U.S money reserve has positioned itself as a key advisor in the midst of all this. The reserve has advocated for the use of coinage as opposed to purchase of stocks for future use. The first argument is that currency is more prone to adverse effects of market volatility unlike gold bullion which is free from government interference due to its scarcity.

With the increased inflationary nature of the dollar, many experts say that spiraling gold prices should be expected due to the high demand from central banks. The reserve is therefore lobbying for increased purchase of coinage for one to secure their future buying power, a role which it is performing diligently.

The reserve has very experienced coinage experts led by Philip.N.Diehl who has made the U.S Money Reserve the first gold company to be headed by a former U.S Mint Director. This has translated to an efficient system whereby the customer gets all the guidance on investing in the most profitable investment vehicles before initiating any transaction.

The money reserve has also emphasized the importance of securing the retirement benefits by incorporating a more flexible option; an IRA holding gold or silver which is self-directed. Reason being stocks, bonds and mutual funds like currency are highly volatile and the customer is not fully shielded. One is also able to manage their portfolio as opposed to leaving this important role to a custodian.

In conclusion, the U.S. Money Reserve has played a crucial developmental role in the economy for the past one decade. Precious metals are a convenient form of portable wealth and a means of shielding one from many market uncertainties. However, most individuals are accustomed to currency and this is where the reserve has played a key role in demystifying the concept. They have also created pride in ownership of these precious metals which serve as a reminder of historical sovereignty. Individuals are therefore encouraged to approach these trend-setting experts with an aim of securing their future and that of generations to come.

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Equities First Holdings is a one of a kind company that offers wonderful solutions for alternative capital. In fact, they have done so for years. They truly are one of the best to work for or work with, on a global scale as a whole.

Equities First Holdings was begun in 2002. It has been up and running well since. Its headquarters are currently located in Indianapolis, IN.
Equities First Holdings has just recently noticed a quite interested growing trend in the world of loans and capital. I quote a fantastic source which speaks more on the matter. Here it is:
“While some options still exist for these individuals, recently, many banks have cut their lending options for borrowers, tightened loan qualifications, and increased interest rates. Al Christy, Jr., Founder and CEO of EFH, sees loans collateralized by stocks as an innovative borrowing alternative….” (, pg. 1, para. 2)

More traction is noticed, according to the company, in terms of loans which are stock based and margin based. This is not to mention, in an age in which banks and other institutes of finance and money have tightened their grip on everything….including all loans. One must take note.

Criteria for taking out a loan is most certainly not as easy or forgiving as it once was. The world has certainly changed. Along with such changes may also come the opportunity for an individual to be more realistic and responsible on the whole….which is not such a bad thing in itself, when you really stop to evaluate where we stand as a globally connected economic society.

These borrowing individuals still have other options, of course. Yet not many have noticed that banks have become a bit more strict in this respect. The banks themselves are offering less and less for this; at least, many banks are.

For example, options on loans for those who borrow have become less. Qualifications for approval have no doubt become tightened more and more. Interest rates have only increased in addition to this. One need be far more wise and careful in today’s day and age.

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A SEC whistleblower lawyer is there to assist individuals with the complex laws of the Securities Exchange Commission. Unfortunately, a financial crime cause detrimental to the corporation and the employees. A whistleblower is an individual that reports this securities crimes to the appropriate authorities and your employment rights should be fully protected when you do so. A quality SEC attorney is there to fight for your rights. They can also help you remain confidential when your reporting security fraud. Often times, there is charges filed against the individual(s) responsible for the financial fraud.

Labaton Sucharow was the first firm to dedicate his practice entirely to the SEC laws. As a SEC whistleblower attorney, Sucharow has been a key figure in implementing and reforming SEC laws. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was created by Congress in 2010, in response to the rampant financial crime against the federal securities laws. It was also the biggest overhaul of the U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression. The new program encourages financial incentives for individuals to report financial violations. Breaking the federal securities laws has a profound affect on the trust of the consumers and the financial economic system.

A recent PRNews article reported the highest payout to a whistleblower in history. Sucharow wss able to help his client remain anonymous to avoid being blacklisted and retaliation. The whistleblower had the courage to speak out when others chose to remain silent and allow investors to be harmed by the financial services industry fraud. They were able to protect the clients future employment opportunities. He was able to get a record payout and keep his job because of the professional knowledge of the SEC laws by Labaton Sucharow. His client was able to get the legal representation that helped him win his claim.

The Dodd-Frank Act specifies that 10-30% of every million collected should go directly to the whistleblower and other agencies like law enforcement that collect should also pay of portion of their sanctions to the whistleblower. The agencies responsible for prosecuting security fraud including the courts have saved tremendous time and money because of the whistleblower’s tips. The information that the whistleblower provided was imperative to finishing their case. A quality SEC attorney will offer you a free consultation to find out more details concerning your claim. You can find a SEC lawyer by doing research in your local online directory right away.