Barbara Stokes Rebuilding Communities from Natural Disaster

Graduating from Mercer University in 2001 with a Biomedical Engineering and Physics degree, Barbara Stokes sought to change the world. She has developed her engineering ability post graduate work with experience at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She also has worked extensively with government contracting and constantly is raising different volunteer efforts to help FEMA and the government itself with aid relief. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes created GSH, which stands for Green Structure Homes. Natural disaster is also catching people and communities off guard. When these communities face such tragedy immediate response is necessary. Often times the relief and aid supplied by the government is great, but can often times be overwhelming for the local workforce. With the help of GSH, Barbara helps provide small deliverable homes of many different sizes. These temporary shelters allow for people to have a safe, clean, and quality area as more relief is given. A single home only takes a few days to be put together. They are so much more than four walls. Through a catastrophe we need a level of comfort and security. GSH provide just this type of atmosphere for families as they recover from trauma. With her husband Scott Stokes, they have now successful started manufacturing sites in eight different states. Over the years they have won a contract, that other companies were fighting over, for 45 million dollars.


The types of homes GSH design are truly magnificent. During major catastrophes such as Katrina we can get a good glimpse into the potential of a GSH home. We see the attention to detail and design for a home feel built into each and every home. The materials that GSH designs allows for people to experience both an authentic kitchen and bathroom within their GSH home. The key experience to the GSH home is the energy efficiency. With such a low cost to maintain the home, people can spend considerable amounts of time and resources on developing their community as a whole.

Barbara Stokes is truly a magnificent person and innovator. While a disaster may knock someone down, a Stokes home can truly pick you right back up. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.