Highland Capital Management’s Contribution to the Society

George Bush Presidential Center will still receive support from Highland Capital Management. The organization has donated $10 million to the center. These funds will be used in several programs in the center. These programs are aimed at engaging leaders, authors, and newsmakers in the center. They will be invited to participate in discussions and lectures.

Highlands Capital Management began supporting the center some time back. Through its participation, it has played a role in making what Bush Center is today. By donating this money to the center, Highland Capital is investing in the future. Jim Dondero has shown great commitment to the center. Dondero and Kenneth Hersh will be joining the advisory council of George Bush Presidential Center. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Since 2012, Highland has contributed over $5 million to the center. The money helped in procuring facilities when the center opened in 2013. So far, Highland is impressed by the progress the center has achieved. Highland and the center are looking forward to the first event. They anticipate success and a strong beginning as they wait to host more events throughout the year.

The Engage series is a popular activity, and it attracts many people to Dallas. Since 2015, it has been an important pillar of the center. Prominent personalities come to participate, which makes the experience fruitful. Apart from discussions of policies, other themes entail history such as the veterans of 9/11.

In the year 1993, Jim Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highlands Capital Management. This entity manages investments of multibillion-dollar worth around the world. Highland works with several classes of assets and structures. They include hedge funds, private equity, handling special situations, separate accounts, mutual funds and ETFs among others.

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The organization is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. From here, it has grown to be among the largest credit managers in the world. Highland is good at offering advice regarding suggesting alternative investment. It identifies emerging markets and grabs existing opportunities for their clients’ benefit. They have been doing it for more than twenty years.

Highland Capital has become successful because of the able leadership in the organization. All employees are qualified professionals with tons of experience. The team also uses different but time-tested principles and strategies to deliver results to clients.

Highland is guided by the philosophy of always delivering consistent results that are above average. Apart from doing business, Highlands participates in corporate social responsibility such as volunteerism. It is not just about making money but also making a difference. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.com.