The First SEC Firm In History Has Won A Record Settlement For Their Client

A SEC whistleblower lawyer is there to assist individuals with the complex laws of the Securities Exchange Commission. Unfortunately, a financial crime cause detrimental to the corporation and the employees. A whistleblower is an individual that reports this securities crimes to the appropriate authorities and your employment rights should be fully protected when you do so. A quality SEC attorney is there to fight for your rights. They can also help you remain confidential when your reporting security fraud. Often times, there is charges filed against the individual(s) responsible for the financial fraud.

Labaton Sucharow was the first firm to dedicate his practice entirely to the SEC laws. As a SEC whistleblower attorney, Sucharow has been a key figure in implementing and reforming SEC laws. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was created by Congress in 2010, in response to the rampant financial crime against the federal securities laws. It was also the biggest overhaul of the U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression. The new program encourages financial incentives for individuals to report financial violations. Breaking the federal securities laws has a profound affect on the trust of the consumers and the financial economic system.

A recent PRNews article reported the highest payout to a whistleblower in history. Sucharow wss able to help his client remain anonymous to avoid being blacklisted and retaliation. The whistleblower had the courage to speak out when others chose to remain silent and allow investors to be harmed by the financial services industry fraud. They were able to protect the clients future employment opportunities. He was able to get a record payout and keep his job because of the professional knowledge of the SEC laws by Labaton Sucharow. His client was able to get the legal representation that helped him win his claim.

The Dodd-Frank Act specifies that 10-30% of every million collected should go directly to the whistleblower and other agencies like law enforcement that collect should also pay of portion of their sanctions to the whistleblower. The agencies responsible for prosecuting security fraud including the courts have saved tremendous time and money because of the whistleblower’s tips. The information that the whistleblower provided was imperative to finishing their case. A quality SEC attorney will offer you a free consultation to find out more details concerning your claim. You can find a SEC lawyer by doing research in your local online directory right away.