How Fabletics Just Made Their Collection Even More Versatile

You may have heard about the popular online retailer that specializes in athleisure clothing called Fabletics. Their spokeswoman Kate Hudson was recently interviewed by Marie Claire magazine, concerning new and exciting products added to the collection. The atheleisure wear line on is introducing dresses and bathing suits that hold the comfort of athletic wear, using the same materials, and that make great fashion statements. What could be better news for athleisure addicts?

The versatility of these newly added dresses are what Kate loves about them so much. As said in her interview, they can be worn for simply any occasion. Some even have built-in bras! It’s every lazy gals dream, she explains. Active women or women who wear athleisure everyday will love to incorporate a dress into their wardrobe for the comfort reasons on These cute dresses really do make a statement and are very current styles- perfect for a casual night on the town or even for a date! And the best part? No spanx needed- they will do all the sucking in! As for their swimwear, it’s adorable styles and comfortable athletic wear material in Fabletics will flatter your body and move with your body just as regular active wear would.

Fabletics has become a fairly large company. Known for its many commercials and advertisements, Kate Hudson does a fantastic job promoting the company and its adorable styles. These styles are exclusive to the website but can be purchased just by simply making an account. If you’re a huge fan of athleisure, you can also subscribe to Fabletics to receive clothing each month delivered to your door. Fabletics has made a point to keep their prices modest and affordable, while offering the most current and stylish pieces to their customers. With clothing for all body types, this brand will inspire you to be more active. Since these newly added collections, it just goes to show that Fabletics is creating everything an active woman needs to complete an athleisure wardrobe. Kate Hudson promotes the company perfectly, and it’s clear to see why Fabletics has become such a phenomenon. To view this collection and fall in love.