Investment banks help their corporate clients in numerous ways. They assist them in their efforts to gather the capital they need for expansions, operating costs and acquisitions and they work with their clients during mergers and acquisitions. Their efforts are designed to ensure each client is able to have the income they need, but also to make certain that it is done with the correct documentation and that all risks are properly managed. A reputable firm remains with their client throughout the negotiation process and offers valuable fact-based advice regarding bids and contract details.


An example of a profitable and successful investment banking operation is Madison Street Capital. This Chicago-based corporation was established in 2011 and provides a wide range of financial services. They are a growing firm that is a leader in the merger and acquisition sector. They currently have offices in Africa and Asia as well as their North American headquarters.


Madison Street Capital works with companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Their clients are in the retail, aviation and manufacturing sectors, as well as many others. The investment company specializes on middle market businesses and offers a unique level of understanding and experience in the challenges the businesses of this type face. Their experience allows them to offer qualified strategic advice designed to increase revenues and reduce risk.


While Madison Street Capital is focused on assisting their clients from the beginning to the end of every transaction, they are also determined to help improve the business climate across the United States and beyond. Their philanthropic support is provided to charities and organizations that help to increase the economic viability of communities across the globe. By improving the economic stability of a given area, it becomes easier for the businesses that operate in those areas to thrive.

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About two-thirds of recipients of Medicare benefits are on the Original Medicare plan while the remaining one-third are on a Medicare Advantage plan. These Medicare Advantage companies like InnovaCare Health are insurance companies that have made contracted agreements with the government-run Medicare system under which they will get a fixed amount to help for a participant’s Medicare benefits. While these plans all go with much of the basic Medicare benefits, they all have some of their own perks. There are several different kinds: There are 1) Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), 2) Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), 3) Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS), 4) Special Needs Plans (SNP), Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSO), and Medicare Savings Accounts (MSA).

Like Original Medicare users, Medicare Advantage users pay a Part B (and sometimes Part A) monthly premium. All Medicare Advantage companies are contractually obligated to have these things, but they each have their own individual regulations and for these things. However, all plans are required to name an out-of-pocket amount for Parts A and B. Cost for services is sometimes higher and sometimes the same. If it is the same, it is because it is a service they are forbidden to put at a higher cost than it would be in Original Medicare.

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Depending on the plan, Medicare Advantage Plans may also provide access to vision and/or dental care. There are usually also different companies that offer the same type Medicare Advantage Plan. They may each of their own unique regulations and specifications like InnovaCare Health. That is why you should always check on stuff even if you have had that same plan before.

One of the largest of these U.S. companies is InnovaCare Inc., which serves 275,000 customers and 270,000 businesses. InnovaCare is helmed by two leaders: COO Penelope Kokkinides and CEO Richard Shinto. Its two Medicare Advantage Plans are MMM Healthcare, Inc. (MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. (PMC). InnovaCare also manages the MSO of Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto is more than capable of the number one leader of this massive organization. He earned his M.A. Degree in Business Administration. He began working for InnovaCare Inc. in 2006. He and Kokkinides are extremely confident about the future of their organization.

Recently, Madison Street Capital Chief Operating Officer received recognition and honor from the Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts for the achievements he has made so far in his successful career. Anthony Marsala was mentioned in the 40 Under Forty program organized by NACVA to reward professionals who have made advances in various areas of business. The honorees that turn up for the program are picked from more than 120 professionals nominated for the initial vetting. The program is driven by the Executive Staff, who are responsible for choosing professionals who have achieved tremendous growth and influence in the business world.

NACVA and Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) pioneered the formation of the program and the main aim is to inspire creativity and reward excellence. According to an article published by the Chicago Tribune, there are several spectrums that are looked into before a professional is approved for the program. Such include financial consulting and accounting, with great emphasis on the impact a professional has made to an industry.

The program gives ground for the nurturing of the next group of industry mavericks and is a great idea driven by merit. One needs to have contributed to his/her profession as well as the community to be regarded as a candidate for the 40 Under Forty program. Anthony Marsala was able to represent Madison Street Capital in the best way possible, and his presence in the program confirms the reason the company has been enjoying good management. He boasts of an experience spanning more than ten years working in various industries to stir growth.

As a co-founding member, Antony Marsala has worked to ensure Madison Street Capital grows and attains an international status. He leads and oversees the analytical teams which do business valuation for clients.

Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is an internationally recognized investment banking firm that is dedicated to offering the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. The company offers financial advisory services, caters for mergers and acquisitions, financial opinions and valuation for small, medium and established businesses. Madison Street Capital has opened offices in various parts of the world, namely North America, Africa and Asia. Learn more:

Experience breeds excellence and this is something Madison Street Capital has been enjoying from their professionals. The company works with the most experienced valuators and analysts to offer clients an honest and reliable interpretation of their businesses. They have a strong engagement capacity that brings their services to the public.

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WEN Hair by Chaz Dean is a unique hair care product that serves five functions in one bottle. It’s a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. WEN promises not to dry out hair like traditional shampoos. The Sephora advertised product also claims to add body and shine after just one use. In a user-perception study, those who shampooed with WEN noted their hair was more moisturized, had more shine, and was more manageable.

But what happens when a real person tries WEN?

Emily McClure at shared her day-by-day experience with Wen Hair by Chaz Cleaning Conditioner. While she was initially worried about the product weighing down her thin hair, she found that her hair instantly felt thicker even as she applied it. After the very first use, she blow-dried her hair and found her hair was voluminous and “bouncy.”

Even after a long Day Three, Emily found her hair remained shiny and soft. She achieved the best results when using WEN after a morning shower. This technique gave her all-day confidence in her hair. Her friends even complimented her hair’s shine after a night on the town.

Once Emily got the hang of using WEN, she found it would deliver extra shine and make her hair look fabulous. While she had to modify her routine to get the best results, she could see herself using it again. Need Wen hair? Check their Amazon page.

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he Internet provides users with information on any topic imaginable. People tend to believe what they read online, so anything derogatory, especially if it appears in top positions in search engine results pages, can have a drastically damaging impact on your image or profile.

Your online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. What people read about you matters a lot in today’s society. Your online reputation is what people find when they look up your name on Google or other search engine, and it determines how they feel about you – sometimes before you have even met, which is why online reputation repair is so important, as Fix Search Results implies.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an impressive online reputation. Luckily, you can take steps to change your online reputation. Whether you’re a business owner with bad press, a professional struggling with reviews, or a job candidate with embarrassing photos, you have options.

Deciding to manage your online reputation on your own is a daunting task, so you may consider hiring the services of professionals. Having professionals do it for you is a smart move that will produce outstanding results. Online reputation management firms abound on the Internet, but it is extremely important to choose a company that has an established history of achieving high success rate for clients. That’s where Fix Search Results come in.

Fix Search Results has been in the reputation management business for many years and is highly regarded due to their excellent services. With the services provided by Fix Search Results, you’ll have access to reputation management solution that is so effective, you will not have to worry about what people find about you. Fix Search Results has a great system in place that enables their clients to improve their online reputation, and take proactive measures to protect their reputation now and in the future.

Lake Tahoe is a popular getaway destination for people who love outdoor activities such as skiing. There are actually quite a few noteworthy ski resorts in the region. These resorts are often thought to be home to some of the planet’s highest quality snow. Ski resorts in Lake Tahoe typically get more than 400 snowfall inches a year. They also typically get 300 plus sunny days annually, too. That’s why so many skiing aficionados just can’t resist Lake Tahoe’s charms. Since Lake Tahoe is right by the picturesque Sierra Nevada’s, it provides visitors with the luxury of an abundance of mountains and ski lifts. Some of the most beloved ski resorts in Lake Tahoe include Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Boreal Ski Resort, Tahoe Donner Ski Resort and Soda Springs Ski Resort. There are a total of 18 ski resorts in the area.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is in California’s lovely Olympic Valley. It’s one of Lake Tahoe’s biggest ski destinations at The only bigger ski locale in the region is Heavenly Mountain Resort. Squaw Valley Ski Resort spans 3,600 beautiful acres and has 30 chairlifts. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Alpine Meadows is in the quaint and peaceful Alpine Meadows community not far at all from the lake’s idyllic northwestern shore. This is yet another standout Lake Tahoe ski resort that’s headed by Andy Wirth. This resort offers visitors 2,400 acres of unadulterated skiing excitement. The resort also features 13 individual lifts and six terrain parks. People flock to Alpine Meadows to revel in its terrain. The ski resort is suitable for sophisticated skiers and newbies alike. Alpine Meadows is memorable thanks to its particularly lengthy snow season each year. It has been in business since it launched in 1961. The concept for the resort, however, first came about toward the end of the 1950s. Some noteworthy lifts that are part of this ski resort include Alpine Bowl Chair (often called “ABC”), Yellow Chair, Lakeview Chair, Hot Wheels Chair, Kangaroo Chair and Summit Express. This resort is serious about caring for the environment.

The Co-founder and COO of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Anthony Marsala joined the league of esteemed persons to be recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators (NACVA) in 2015 for his distinct service. This was during the group’s annual 40 Under Forty recognition program launched in 2014. According to a news article published in the Chicago Tribune, the nominees selected under the program are individuals under 40 years who have performed exemplary work in financial forensics, expert witness testimony, business valuation mergers and acquisitions. The 40 Under Forty recognition program was specially established to highlight and give opportunity to industry mavericks of the future.

The decision regarding on the honorees is tasked to a panel made up of the Executive Staff of Consultants Training Institute (CTI) and NACVA. The initial pool was made up of 125 nominees. The nominees always get the opportunity to grace various press releases as well have their profiles illuminated in various publications, including QuickReadBuzz blog, The Value Examiner and Association News. Marsala is an expert in corporate finance, business valuation and M&A. Over the last decade, he has overseen numerous valuations and transactional engagements for various companies and economic sectors including energy, manufacturing, staffing and food and agriculture.

Marsala has also been instrumental in leading and coordinating his company’s expansion in the markets in Asia, Europe and Africa, in addition to overseeing the firm’s due diligence and analytical team. Madison Capital’s analytical teams have undertaken numerous business valuation work on behalf of the company’s M&A and corporate finance clients. Marsala graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a degree in Finance and Information Systems. He also holds a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based investment banking company with an international reach. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has been providing corporate financial advisory services, financial opinion, M&A expertise and valuation services to private and public businesses. According to a 2016 outlook report released by the company and published by Hedgeweek early this year, Madison Capital revealed that it closed 42 hedge fund deals in 2015. This was 10 transactions more than what the company oversaw in 2014. In its report, the company acknowledged that small hedge fund managers were struggling to attract new capital; a factor that is pushing hedge fund managers to look into strategic alternatives.

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Mike Baur is a renown Banker and a good manager of Monetary matter in Swiss. He has dedicated all his resources toward helping start-up companies to stand to achieve their objectives, This is a great idea that is going to shape the world. Focusing mostly on young people, he has shown the capability to change the world through influencing and supporting young minds to believe in their dreams.

Through immense efforts that has seen him establish working networks and attracting strategic partners, he has won the hearts of many investors who have continued to join him. Mike Baur has also been organizing platforms to showcase Ideas and innovations thus promoting handwork and creativity.

Through the use of his Business setup and other affiliated companies, it has become apparent that Mr. Baur is set to take the business world to the next level. He has also endeavored not only to boost Entrepreneurship in his mother country but has extended his reach to other nations. This is a spirit that encouraged in the modern world. He has shown distinct understanding of the diversity of economic and social environment, and this has not deterred him from continuing growing and developing his agenda. This shows that he is an aggressive person who goes through adds to achieving his ambition.

Majoring in the business environment, Mr. Baur has shown clearly that technology is important in business, and that is why he has absorbed technological creativity in his domain. It is clear that he believes in experience and sharing of that experience to others so as to pass knowledge and add value to the economy. This has been demonstrated through his absorption of leaders from other business entities who may not have been successful in achieving their corporate goals.

Through holding conferences and offering resources to the upcoming entities, Mike has been able to motivate a vast number of business mind to rise to become stars. It is important to note that unlike various individuals, he has shown immense levels of confidence. In many cases, Business people fears competition as a result of such thin; they would prefer shutting upcoming entrepreneurs so as to continue enjoying monopoly and large profits. This is a notable characteristic that requires to be supported around the globe. It is encouraging to see how individuals can rise to great heights and welcome others to the same level. In this spirit, the world is set to move to the next level without leaving anybody behind.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is known around the world as one of the best winter ski locations. This is thanks to Andy Wirth’s efforts to establish the name of the resort globally.

Andy Wirth has been apart of the Lake Tahoe shore community for many years and has been very active in both community and business. He has made his main focus the improving of the area as well as the lives of both the young and old communities that thrive there.

I have known of Andy Wirth since discovering the Olympic Valley ski location several years ago. Whilst listening to the KCRW radio station recently I came across the Press Play with Madeleine Brand program in which she interviews Andy Wirth and gets his take on the drought as well as the effects this drought has had on the business’s and community at large. Due to a common misconception a lot of people believe that due to the drought there has been no snow for ski resorts to function, this however is far from the truth according to Andy Wirth.

Snow fall in recent months has been adequate meaning that 4000 acres of skiable terrain have been available. This is compared to the usual 6000 acres of skiable terrain that had been available prior to the drought.

Andy Wirth ensures all listeners that Squaw Valley Ski resort is doing everything in their power to make the ski experience for its visitors the best it can possibly be. With the implementation of various strategies like snow creation and snow moving, Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been able to make a little snow go a long way.

Researchers have also released reports showing that the area could be getting less and less snow as the years progress. This is due to the climate change and various other factors. Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been predominantly targeting ski sports however Andy Wirth believes that a shift in mindset is necessary to make the resort as profitable as it was in previous years.

Overall the resort has remained profitable but is no where near the profitability potential it had several years ago. A shift in the types of seasons the resort targets will have to be implemented.

Summer months for example are under utilized and make the resort the ideal venue for retreats, weddings and other functions. Andy Wirth ensures that he is in the business for the long haul and there is no reason to write off the Squaw Valley Resort just because of the drought.

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Renting out your house on Airbnb and other similar organizations might seem like a good idea to earn yourself that extra income, but there are a lot of factors to put into consideration before doing this. Some unprecedented issues might arise from temporary renters, more so, property damage that might not be covered by your homeowner insurance. Such damages might incur costs that are even higher than the initial charge to the temporary renters. To avoid such devastating situations, it is crucial for one to consider factors such as risks, including damages to yours and your neighbor’s property, your insurance coverage and protection by the organization managing your house.

To get the right scoop and professional insight about temporarily renting out your house, Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions is the right man for the job. Mr. Blair is more than equipped with the right tools that are tailored to every client’s situations. Blair, together with his company Wealth Solutions, offer consultation and guidance services, financial management, information on funds among others, to high net worth individuals and companies. Having recorded impressive numbers since its establishment in 2012, the company has been successful in aiding millions of people in meeting and exceeding their financial goals.

From a very tender age, Richard has always been inspired by the power of education and how much impact it has brought to the society. Coupling his natural flair for finance and his notable appreciation for education, Richard was determined to help people with their investments and financial planning. Upon Finishing his college education, he joined the financial service industry in 1993, determined to live his ambitions. He was fortunate enough in 1994, having established his independent firm referred to as Wealth Solutions.

Richard prides himself and his company in providing unbiased and objective counsel to his clients without any conflict of interest. His prominent advisory firm is based in Austin Texas and keeps making financial improvements to the lives of numerous individuals, families and small enterprise owners. Richard has 23 years worth of experience from the financial service industry and has made additional steps in becoming a Certified Financial Planner. A part of financial planning, the illustrious firm also advises on retirement planning by bridging the gap between living for-and-in retirement.

Wealth Solutions guarantees success by incorporating innovative means that create a well-revised portfolio that is designed to ensure minimum risks and outstanding results. By combining the latest technology and insights from conducted studies, the company can ensure each of their client’s success and on the right financial track.

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