Guilherme Paulus who is a Brazilian Entrepreneur, ranks as 1268 on Forbes billionaire list. Guilherme Paulus is currently Chairman and Co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora. CVC Brasil Operadora provides tourism services in Brazil and internationally.

CVC Brasil Operadora employs more than 1100 people and helps to create another 4900 jobs indirectly. It also employs more than 9,086 travel agents. It has locations set up in every state in Brazil, in 456 cities. Which is partly why the Brazilian economy continues to prosper, and is currently ranked as the eighth largest economy in the world.

Currently CVC has over 300 franchises and 1200 stores throughout Brazil. With the direction of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has received the award for best tourism operator 11 consecutive times. CVC Brasil Operadora has been honored by the World Travel Market in a ceremony, for its continuous groundbreaking ideas and its overwhelming contribution to the growth of world tourism. Mr. Paulus managed to take home an astonishing 12 trophies during the ceremony.

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In 2009 Guilherme Paulus decided to transform CVC into a public company. CVC Brasil Operadora sold a 63 percent stake of the company to the American funded global private equity firm The Carlyle Group for 420 million dollars. He since has remained as chairman of CVC, as minority shareholder. As Minority shareholder this allows him to make important decisions.

It has not been an easy for Mr. Paulus, he almost had to close CVC when the company was only 8 years old. The company at the time was facing countless restrictions. The Brazilian government also introduced a withholding tax, which did nothing to help the situation.

Guilherme Paulus decided to start pursuing corporations, rather than smaller clients, his tour rates are incomparable and hard to match. Which is why CVC continues to draw millions of tourists, and has become the largest tourism operation in Latin America. This proves that with dedication and a hard work ethic, anything is possible.

A lot of people who have mental illnesses are aware of their specific illnesses. For instance, people who are suffering from depression know that they have depression, and they want to get rid of it. Every so often, there comes a new treatment that promises to take care of the depression, anxiety, or any mental illnesses that people have. However, a lot of people who try it find that it is not as effective as they hoped. The worst part is that in some cases, they have to deal with tons of side effects while they are not getting any better. As a result, some people with depression and anxiety lose hope. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Fortunately, there are forms of depression and anxiety treatment that are proving to be effective. This particular form is brain training from Neurocore. One of the best things about this treatment is that it is explained in detail based on what they have discovered about the brain and how they can influence it. So far, it has turned out to be very effective to many people who struggle with their mental illnesses. People have stated that they have seen a long term difference in their mental condition. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The best part about Neurocore brain training is that people who try this treatment do not have to worry about the side effects that other mental illness treatments have. This is one thing that gives people who struggle with depression anxiety hope. Some of the other treatments tend to give people different side effects and leave them in a state that is worse than before they have started their treatment. The problem with the other depression and anxiety treatments is that they may just mask the issue while Neurocore brain training comes a lot closer to actually treating the issue for the individual.


The Freedom Checks investment concept is one of the highly profitable investment strategies out there, but it is the most misunderstood concept. Many people will fail to benefit from it because they did not understand it and therefore never took the decision of investing in the company. Those who took the initiative to follow the idea and made the right decision to invest will start receiving their monthly and quarterly payouts in July. It is expected that there will be $34.6 billion which will be paid out to investors who have taken up the investment opportunity. The idea of Freedom Checks is being supported by Matt Badiali, a financial expert with enormous experience and expertise in natural resources mining. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


For those who have been thinking that the concept is about getting government checks without anything in return, they need to read this clearly and understand. There is nothing like handouts coming from the government. What you get is a return of the investment you make to various companies. There is nothing related to the federal government. It is an investment opportunity just like any other. One must engage in research and understand what Freedom Checks is all about. When understood, it is an easy way to make a cut out of the $34.6 billion that will be given out.



Just like you would do with any other investment opportunity, what happens is that you must be able to understand the concept first before investing. Investing is never an easy thing, and due diligence should be applied. It is one of the things that have to be done in the right manner. Matt Badiali who has been behind the ads for Freedom Checks has started in his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, that there is no way you will get a return when you have not understood what the investment opportunity is all about.

Not all types of companies qualify to be in this program. Only Master Limited partnerships, MLPs qualify. These are companies that have to get 90 percent of their revenue from internally and must also be in the natural resources and agriculture sectors. According to Matt Badiali, the $34.6 billion will come from energy and gas companies. Watch this video at Youtube.

The landscape of employment has been advancing from the web’s outset phases in the 1990’s. The days when you had to seek help from a recruitment agency of local talent to fill up a particular local position are behind us (outdated). Not just the techniques of recruitment of talent have experienced numerous changes. Also, the jobs themselves have changed to oblige a straightforward entry in the age of information. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

GoBuyside is an official search organization founded in the year 2011. It is situated in the city of New York, which monitors job patterns in the industry of finance and which prepares an approach that is tech-centric in the recruitment of talent. A standout amongst the most important models in the sector of investment is the movement towards positions decentralization.

GoBuyside is utilizing flexibilities of locations to gather applicants who surpass the desires of their companies. Across the country enlisting searches will inherently attract many applicants, but it’s GoBuyside’s exclusive process of screening which transforms numbers into stellar recruitments. Through the utilization of forefront software and programs that aggregate people. GoBuyside can collect data from their hopefuls from various sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and other outlets in the social media platform. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuyside is a platform of recruitment that concentrates on operating jointly with hedge funds, private firms dealing with equity, advisory platforms and investment managers over an expansive range of mandates and geographies. Utilizing thorough and proprietary technology approach, GoBuyside has the upper hand in both screening and sourcing top-tier candidates. The organization has a team of individuals with proper educational credentials and professional experience to execute their work efficiently.

The fastest and easiest solution for overcoming a challenge of recruitment is through seeking assistance from experts in recruitment who represent considerable authority in the sector of management of investments, for example, GoBuyside Recruiters. At the point when companies dealing with management of investment decisions to utilize general enlisting techniques, they neglect a proper method to prevent a primary repeating challenge. To some extent, hiring and recruiting is one of the most vital skills in management. GoBuyside provides its services to over four hundred client organizations located in sixteen nations around fifty-two cities.


Education Background of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali attended the Penn State University where he obtained a degree in Bachelor of Science. He specialized in Geology and earned a masters in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Additionally, he received his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of North Carolina.

Matt Badiali has worked with several mining firms where he has gained vastly experienced regarding natural resources. He has successfully invested in several natural resources company. Matt was introduced into the financial world by his friend who believed in his spectacular education background. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

Matt Badiali currently serves as the Chief Natural Resource Expert at Banyan Publishing Company. In most Cases, he writes about investing in natural resources for some firms and clients. Those who have invested with the help of Matt have recorded significant yields from their investments. Being a natural resources expert requires someone who understands the trends in the financial world as well as the science of natural resources. Matt became famous when he recently published on an investment opportunity known as freedom checks. This saw many investors drawn into his content and has managed to attract many readers within a short period of time.

$34.6 billion in ‘Freedom Checks’

Matt Bidiali recently published an article that talked about a huge investment in natural resources. Most investment opportunities promise to offer high returns but have to hide some things. For ‘freedom checks,’ you only receive returns after you have placed your investments.

The companies that Matt helps his clients invest in produce high revenues since they are subject to tax exempt. They receive subsidiaries from the government as a result of using their investment in the right way. Thus, investors can take the opportunity on these freedom checks and wait for above average for many more years. Follow Matt on Medium.

The companies that Badiali partners with uses their revenue to pay workers, purchase equipment, and market natural resources. Therefore, the United States government offers subsidiaries and incentives to such companies so that they can continue to boost the economy.

Freedom checks operate under the tax codes that were legislated in 1987. This means that freedom checks are legal. 30 years ago, the US Congress passed legislation that exempted firms in the United States that uses 90 percent of their resources in the distribution, transportation, marketing, and processing natural resources. Only a few firms can meet such terms to qualify for tax exemptions. However, Matt has identified several firms where he encourages clients to invest.


Paul Mampilly is the current Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is well known for his newsletter Profits Unlimited that he uses to guide his readers into making the right investments into stocks that guarantees huge returns. He is also writer for Banyan’s Wining Investor Daily newsletter.

Before Joining Banyan Hill in 2016, Mr. Paul Mampilly worked as an Editor of Stanberry Research for their Professional Speculator edition for 11 months. He also served as a Managing Director of Co-Portfolio Manager and a member of Portfolio Management Team at Kinetics Asset Management. Paul is also the founder of Capuchin Group where he served in several capacities between 2003 and 2006. He has also worked for several other financial institutions including Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and the Swiss bank. Follow Paul on Facebook.


He started his career in 1991 working FOR Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. His investment experience spans 25 years and he has served as Wall Street insider, hedge fund manager and investor. As an investor Mr. Mampilly has a great interest in stock markets with a knack for pointing out small companies whose business models are innovative. His passion for financial and investment issues have seen him grace various interview in various TV channels including Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and CNBC among others.

He has been on the limelight in the recent months due to his article “The greatest medical breakthrough in History”. According to Paul Mampilly, he says that he has discovered a company that can revolutionize the health care market through what he terms us precision medical revolution. The technology he says has the ability to cure some of the world’s diseases through developing cure as per a person’s genetic makeup. He is advising that investors should invest in this new jewel in return for huge profit returns. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Paul Mampilly is currently retired and resides with his family but still he is involved with investments through his work at Banyan Hill. He offers insights to his readers on all issues to do with investments and finance. According to him, he felt Wall Street was not doing enough to help many people make good investments and this is what propelled him to leave Wall Street and start helping people personally. He says working at Banyan Hill has given him the platform to use his expertise and skills to help people with investments issues.

Finding senior and adult care services can be a tedious task in itself. However, one such company has been specializing this type of care for 25 years and has an outstanding performance record. The business is called Sussex Healthcare. Located along the Southern coast of England, this company was created by Shariz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The two chairmen had no idea that what they started in 1985, would grow into a successful leading health network.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor was just hired as the Sussex Healthcare Chief Executive Officer. She came on with a passion to see the relationship between patient and staff was professional and above the standard norm. After all, they are living in the residential housing units that make up the facility. What was once just one unit, now stands at 20 facilities. When it comes to growing any business, customer service is everything.

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Sussex Healthcare does offer a nice gym with a daycare. This helps the seniors and patients with neurological disabilities stay very active and social. Keeping them functioning is very important for their overall health. Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients need to interact in order to keep some of the memory they have left from leaving them. Sussex Healthcare understands that the physical health of the patient is not enough to sustain them.

The employees of Sussex Healthcare are highly trained and courteous thanks to the training academy that the company has onsite. One of the many perks of working for this business is attending the training and learning how to treat the patients that the staff will be seeing on a day to day basis. This explains why Sussex Healthcare has such a high rating in the healthcare industry. Not only that, it employees receive competitive compensation that offers extra pay bonuses for holidays and weekends. There is also a complimentary bus that will drive the employees to their work locations, among the 20 facilities that have sprung up. Some of the positions available are care assistants, drivers, supervisors, and domestic assistant. With lots of vacancies looking to be filled, working for Sussex Healthcare is a good way to start off a career in the medical field.

Getting your foot through the door is the key component to finding your place in the market for helping people. All life is valuable. That is the company’s motto. Sussex Healthcare is definitely the best service to utilize.

Graduating from Mercer University in 2001 with a Biomedical Engineering and Physics degree, Barbara Stokes sought to change the world. She has developed her engineering ability post graduate work with experience at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She also has worked extensively with government contracting and constantly is raising different volunteer efforts to help FEMA and the government itself with aid relief. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes created GSH, which stands for Green Structure Homes. Natural disaster is also catching people and communities off guard. When these communities face such tragedy immediate response is necessary. Often times the relief and aid supplied by the government is great, but can often times be overwhelming for the local workforce. With the help of GSH, Barbara helps provide small deliverable homes of many different sizes. These temporary shelters allow for people to have a safe, clean, and quality area as more relief is given. A single home only takes a few days to be put together. They are so much more than four walls. Through a catastrophe we need a level of comfort and security. GSH provide just this type of atmosphere for families as they recover from trauma. With her husband Scott Stokes, they have now successful started manufacturing sites in eight different states. Over the years they have won a contract, that other companies were fighting over, for 45 million dollars.


The types of homes GSH design are truly magnificent. During major catastrophes such as Katrina we can get a good glimpse into the potential of a GSH home. We see the attention to detail and design for a home feel built into each and every home. The materials that GSH designs allows for people to experience both an authentic kitchen and bathroom within their GSH home. The key experience to the GSH home is the energy efficiency. With such a low cost to maintain the home, people can spend considerable amounts of time and resources on developing their community as a whole.

Barbara Stokes is truly a magnificent person and innovator. While a disaster may knock someone down, a Stokes home can truly pick you right back up. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Whitney Wolfe has made a huge splash in the online dating industry with Bumble. The company continues to grow as she comes up with new ideas on how she can empower women. As a result, she has not stopped with dating. She has instead looked at more ways that she can help women so that they will be able to rise up and overcome their challenges. This is where BFF comes in. With BFF, women have been able to find the right friends to associate with. Then she has set up BIZZ with the purpose of helping women find ways to get their career off the ground.

With such innovative ideas, this has attracted a lot of customers. At the same time, this has attracted jealousy from some of the more established dating apps. For instance, The Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, has seen the success of Bumble and decided to try and acquire the company for itself. Therefore, it is resorting to many different means to get the company. Among the means that it has resorted to is bullying and threatening. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe, the owner of Bumble is fighting tooth and nail to keep Bumble the way she has intended it to be.

Follow Whitney Wolfe on LinkedIn

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has decided is that she is not going to sell her company. She is instead going to take on The Match Group and make sure that she is able to keep her company so that she can continue to empower women with it. As a matter of fact, keeping the company is one of the most empowering things that Whitney Wolfe can do for women. This will show that not only can she manage to fight for what she believes in, but she can also encourage others to do the same.

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George Bush Presidential Center will still receive support from Highland Capital Management. The organization has donated $10 million to the center. These funds will be used in several programs in the center. These programs are aimed at engaging leaders, authors, and newsmakers in the center. They will be invited to participate in discussions and lectures.

Highlands Capital Management began supporting the center some time back. Through its participation, it has played a role in making what Bush Center is today. By donating this money to the center, Highland Capital is investing in the future. Jim Dondero has shown great commitment to the center. Dondero and Kenneth Hersh will be joining the advisory council of George Bush Presidential Center. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Since 2012, Highland has contributed over $5 million to the center. The money helped in procuring facilities when the center opened in 2013. So far, Highland is impressed by the progress the center has achieved. Highland and the center are looking forward to the first event. They anticipate success and a strong beginning as they wait to host more events throughout the year.

The Engage series is a popular activity, and it attracts many people to Dallas. Since 2015, it has been an important pillar of the center. Prominent personalities come to participate, which makes the experience fruitful. Apart from discussions of policies, other themes entail history such as the veterans of 9/11.

In the year 1993, Jim Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highlands Capital Management. This entity manages investments of multibillion-dollar worth around the world. Highland works with several classes of assets and structures. They include hedge funds, private equity, handling special situations, separate accounts, mutual funds and ETFs among others.


The organization is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. From here, it has grown to be among the largest credit managers in the world. Highland is good at offering advice regarding suggesting alternative investment. It identifies emerging markets and grabs existing opportunities for their clients’ benefit. They have been doing it for more than twenty years.

Highland Capital has become successful because of the able leadership in the organization. All employees are qualified professionals with tons of experience. The team also uses different but time-tested principles and strategies to deliver results to clients.

Highland is guided by the philosophy of always delivering consistent results that are above average. Apart from doing business, Highlands participates in corporate social responsibility such as volunteerism. It is not just about making money but also making a difference. Learn more about Highland Capital at